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Posted on 09-19-2017

Unfortunately, many people live with neck pain in their day-to-day lives. Because many different problems can cause neck pain and neck pain can present itself in a wide range of symptoms, it may be necessary to explore a number of methods to help relieve the pain. At Pelphrey Chiropractic, serving Lexington, Kentucky and the surrounding areas, we want to give you a few tips for managing your neck pain, to help make your life pain free.

Keep Hydrated

While many people are skeptical of the idea that solely drinking water can improve your health, this tactic absolutely plays a role in helping ease neck pain. The body needs water to function properly. If you are not staying properly hydrated, many systems within your body can suffer and your vertebrae and spinal cord are one of them. Because the discs between the vertebrae are about 80% water, when you are dehydrated your vertebral discs suffer. When the body is dehydrated it pulls water from other stores inside the body, and this includes the vertebral discs. Over time, this can cause the discs to degenerate, and when vertebral discs degenerate, neck and back pain is unavoidable.

Ice and Heat

Ice and heat therapy is a great way to decrease swelling and strains in the body. If you are experiencing neck pain, consider applying ice to the sore areas of your neck. Icing shrinks the blood vessels in the area where it is applied, which helps to minimize swelling. After initially icing for a few days, start alternating between applying heat and ice to the area.


Massages are not just for relieving stress. Massages improve blood flow to the muscles, help to work out tense and straining muscles, and can be incredibly beneficial to relieving stress. Because neck pain can stem from muscles rather than vertebrae issues, massages are a great option for treating the pain. Tension in the muscles can also cause pain to radiate to different areas in the body, so ensuring that your muscles are void of any underlying spasms or tension is a good way to try and remedy neck pain.

Posture and Neck Support

Your posture may be causing your neck pain. If your posture is bad, you are misaligning your body, head, and neck which can lead to a whole range of pain issues. To help maintain better posture, ensure that you are sitting in ergonomically friendly chairs at work and try to keep your head up and shoulders from slumping. Another way to fix your posture is to train yourself to sleep on your back. Utilize neck-supporting chairs and make sure that you actually rest your head against your car and chair headrests to keep your body in proper alignment.

contact Pelphrey Chiropractic today. At Pelphrey Chiropractic, located in Lexington, Kentucky, we focus on the overall health of our patients as a way to provide pain relief and pain prevention. With years of experience and an A+ Rating from the BBB, Pelphrey Chiropractic is your best choice to help manage and eliminate your neck pain.

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