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Posted on 05-22-2017

Any sort of chronic pain or condition can place a severe strain on your life and happiness. However, chronic back pain in particular can be debilitating as the spine is the literal and figurative center of our bodies. Back pain can impact other areas of the body because of the spine’s many connections, and can also just be a general nuisance or even a severe hindrance on your quality of life. Because of this, the spine experts at Pelphrey Chiropractic of Lexington, KY are here to tell you a little about the causes, symptoms, and treatment of chronic back pain.

What causes chronic back pain?
Because the spine supports most of our upper body, there are a multitude of ways in which you can encounter chronic back pain. Much chronic back pain is centered in the lower back, and is primarily due to mechanical injury, or normal wear of tear of the spine that occurs from daily use and activity. Sprains, degeneration of spinal discs, hernias, and traumatic injuries can all cause back pain that can end up being chronic.

Who can acquire chronic back pain?
Almost anyone can end up suffering from chronic back pain, but there are certain groups who are particularly at risk. Of course if you have a genetic predisposition, you are more likely to have back pain or spinal problems, but there are also a few lifestyle factors that can lead to it. Older people and those who do not have a high level of physical fitness are particularly at risk, as are pregnant women and those who are overweight.

How do you treat chronic back pain?
There are many ways to treat chronic back pain, ranging from the short-term to the long-term, as well as ranging in invasiveness and intensity. For minimal chronic back pain, over the counter pain medication can help alleviate pain. Hot and cold compresses can also help to lower inflammation and pain levels, but as with pain medication, this will not actually treat the source of the pain, only the symptoms. For helping to heal the spine, physical activity and strengthening exercises, as well as physical therapy, can help to treat the root of the problem. Also, as chiropractic care treats the spine specifically, we highly recommend seeing a chiropractor, like those at Pelphrey Chiropractic, if you are experiencing chronic back pain. We are located in Lexington, KY and we proudly serve the greater Lexington area.

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