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Posted on 10-27-2017


You may know someone with Forward Head Posture if you view them in profile and their neck appears to be in a diagonal position. Forward head posture (FHP) is a condition in which the head protrudes forward and does not align with the shoulder blades. One sign of FHP is when a person’s back is against the wall and their head is not touching the wall. This condition has many nicknames, including “Scholar’s Neck” and “Reading Neck.” If you are worried that you might be suffering from this condition, call our expert team at Pelphrey Chiropractic, and let us help you relieve this pain.

This problem can arise for a multitude of reasons, such as sleeping with the head too high, prolonged usage of computers and cellphones, or simply calcium deficiency. Another cause is having back muscles that are not fully developed. Aside from the visual misalignment, this condition can also lead to pain. An extra 10 pounds of pressure is placed on the shoulders for every inch that the head is jutting forward. Those with Forward Head Posture may also experience numbness or a pins and needles sensation in their arms or a burning that stems from between the shoulder blades. This affliction is an unnecessary burden that can lead to some serious problems.

Because so much time is spent in front of computers nowadays, bad posture has become more prevalent. There are a number of medical conditions that can arise due to FHP including pain in the jaw known as temporomandibular joint dysfunction or TMJ, Fibromyalgia, which is pain in the joints, and allergies and asthma are also associated with this condition. Headaches and migraines can also occur, and if the problem continues, it can result in a hunch.  Poor sleep can be a side effect of poor spine alignment, as can pain from the neck all the way to the lower back. However, this condition does not have to be permanent and can be corrected.

At-home exercises can be performed to help relieve pain or to strengthen the muscles. Tucking the chin will align the back of the head with the shoulders. Lying on the back with the chin brought down to the chest will help the front muscles move into the correct position. Gravity can be a helpful component in correcting posturing as well.

If you think you know someone with Forward Head Posture, make sure they realize the severity of the condition. As more time passes, the symptoms will only get worse, so treatment should begin as soon as possible. Stretches can be performed at home, but seeking therapy from professionals that are experts in Forward Head Posture will produce the best results. Dr. Pelphrey with Pelphrey Chiropractic has extensive knowledge on spine health and Forward Head Posture. After performing a consultation, we will be able to find the best route to help realign the head and relieve our patient’s discomfort. Call Pelphrey Chiropractic, and let us take the weight of the world off your shoulders. We have an office in Lexington, Kentucky and provide service to the surrounding area. 

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