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Posted on 04-13-2017

We all know that good nutrition can do a lot to increase our quality of life: it can make us feel better, look better, and perform better at work and at home. But did you know that just eating well may not be enough? No, I’m not talking about exercise, although proper exercise should go hand in hand with a healthy diet. What I’m talking about instead is chiropractic care. Don’t believe us? Let the chiropractic experts at Pelphrey Chiropractic in Lexington, Kentucky explain.

Your Spine Should Be the Backbone of Nutrition

It may sound funny, but nutrition doesn’t actually start in your stomach or in your mouth: it starts in your back. This is because your nervous system controls all of your body’s processes, and your back (or more specifically, your spine) is the headquarters for many of your body’s nerves. If your nerves are not being properly taken care of, then the signals that your brain sends to your digestive system to properly process and disperse the nutrients in your food may not be working at maximum capacity. If that is the case, you can eat as much organically raised kale as you desire, but your body won’t get any of the benefits from it.

What a Chiropractor Will Do

If you go to a chiropractor, such as Dr. Pelphrey of Pelphrey Chiropractic, because you are worried that your body isn’t properly digesting your food, they will help to realign your spine, as well as guide you through a nutritional plan based on your lifestyle to help you regain what you are lacking. According to the American Chiropractic Association , up to 80% of chiropractors now are also giving their patients nutritional advice, which can include meal plans and recommendations as well as dietary supplements, such as vitamins. The ACA also advocates more chiropractors to receive training or certificates in nutrition as the connection between spinal health and digestive health is so significant.

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While this finding is somewhat newer, there have historically been other reasons why chiropractors have focused on nutrition. Patients with musculoskeletal issues, or who suffer from diabetes or obesity, can have adverse effects on their spine due to their nutrition. Athletes as well, who could place higher levels of stress on their spine than average patients, also need particular nutritional focus.

Are you worried that you might not be getting all the benefits of your food, or you simply want to maximize your already healthy diet? Then make an appointment with Dr. Pelphrey of Pelphrey Chiropractic in Lexington, Kentucky today!

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